Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Bridal Beauties"

We work with really special brides everyday. We love to see their bridal portraits and wanted to share some of our past bride's with you. Look for the photographer responsible for these gorgeous photos noted below. Enjoy!
  Janell Tangtong Davis photographed by Skytouch_e_Photos.

Sarah Slocum Collins photographed by Drew Cason Photography. Follow his work on Facebook.

 Audra Gillis Hines photographed by Sarah Bussey Photography. Follow her work on Facebook.

Lauren Alexander Manatt photographed by Meredith Melody Photography. Follow her work on Facebook.

Audra Finely Cole photographed by Katie O Photography. Follow her work on Facebook.

 Rene Kimmer Pearson photographed by KB McElmurry Photography. Follow their work on Facebook.
Hope you enjoyed these gorgeous brides. If you need more information about the photographers please email us at

Until next time.

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